Do you want to know how to use social media channels in order to increase your company’s visibility?

Would you like  to understand how to take the best advantage of every social media platform?

Well…You need a social media consultancy!

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Social media are now, and have been for years, part of the reality of our daily lives. They allow us to interact with people who are far away, to share what interests us, to introduce ourselves, to promote our company’s services/products and much more besides.

Today, social media are a strong, developed channel, and it is difficult or impossible to do without them. This is especially true if you have something to sell or promote.

To understand the importance of social media, just look at the number of active users in one month in Italy on various platforms:

  • Facebook: 28 million
  • YouTube: 27 million
  • Instagram: 9 million
  • LinkedIn: 7 million
  • Google Plus: 3.8 million

Millions of people every month and every day access their profiles on social media. All the most important brands long ago took the decision to use social media for increased visibility, holding advertising campaigns, creating and sharing great content, taking advantage of real time marketing and more.

With a social media consultancy, users interested in your products/services can find you.

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It isn’t enough just to be present on social media to compete with other brands.

It isn’t enough to create a Facebook profile and announce that you have special offers if you want to take advantage of social media.

Here is how we work with those who decide to work with a social media consultant from the EDV Web Agency Int.:

  • Establishing the goals to be achieved: Social media consulting always begins by identifying your objectives.
  • Choosing the best social media platform for your needs (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.). Not all social media is alike, and the EU Web Agency has specialised consultants for each social network.
  • Establish different strategies depending on the social media chosen: Your social media consultancy includes a study of the various channels to find the best strategy to use on each individual social media platform.
  • Create or optimise your social media accounts.
  • Work out an editorial plan and plan some advertising campaigns.
  • Create effective content of different types (images, videos, etc.): Your social media consultancy includes some content creation for you.
  • We have on staff professional workers who can create this content; or we can teach your team the kind of content to write and how to write it, which images to upload and much more.

So…REMEMBER THIS. When you put your trust in EDV Web Agency, you can count on an social media consultant with years of experience in the field, who can help you to promote your social profiles and achieve your goals.

So, contact us now for a FREE QUOTE!

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