Do you have a website but it doesn’t appear on search engines?

Do you want to learn how to be found immediately by those looking for you on Google?

If yes, you need a SEO consultancy!

EDV Web Agency Int. provides a full range of SEO consultancy services

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    Positioning your website on the main search engines is increasingly important. Thanks to organic positioning, we can be found by the users who do online searches.

    But how do you get your website a good position on the search engines?

    You have to optimise your site! That is why we talk about SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation.

    The EU Web Agency can handle SEO consulting for any kind of website, e-commerce site or blog. Your specialised SEO consultant will help you to reach the objectives you have in mind!

    Here is how EDV Web Agency’s SEO consulting works. When you are ready to trust the experts in the field, here is how we will work to make your business a strong, important and visible name on the web:

    • Complete analysis of your site and your competitors: The first step of SEO consulting is mapping out where you are now. Using platforms like Analytics, we will study your traffic data and identify the most interesting behaviours and most used keywords in your field of business.
    • Identification of your business goals
    • Establishing a strategy to reach them: Once the initial situation is understood, the next step in SEO consulting is to design an effective strategy to reach your main goals.
    • Improvement and optimisation of your site: Your SEO consultant will get to work on keywords, snippets, link building, content optimisation, SEO copy-writing, site security implementation, social media links, HTML code optimisation and many other things to improve your site’s placement in the search engines.
    • Regular reports and analysis of the results: The final step in SEO consulting is running regular reports to assess the work performed and any changes that should be made to keep improving your strategy.