Do you want to use Facebook as a tool to increase your company’s visibilitycontacts and sales?

Do you want to use Facebook to improve communication with your customers?

You need a Facebook consultancy!


    Today, Facebook is by far the most popular social network on earth!

    • Every month, more than 1.5 billion people use Facebook.
    • Every day, each of us spends, on average, 20 minutes of our time on Facebook.
    • 10 billion: the number of “likes” that get clicked every day.
    • In the first quarter of 2016, the revenue from the companies using Facebook totalled 5.37 billion dollars.
    • Numbers to make your head spin!

    You have a good entrepreneurial culture; you should be optimistic.!

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    Italy is one of the countries where Facebook is used more to maintain business contacts. What we see in Italy is extraordinary!’ and ‘One profile out of 10 is related to a microbusiness’, said Mark Zuckerbergfounder and CEO of Facebook, during a conference held in late August at the Luiss University of Rome.

    Beyond its playful aspect, Mark’s creation is a powerful business tool. It allows you to track and target single users with the utmost precision and, thanks to your Facebook consultancy with our Web Agency, you will be able to reach users who are interested in your products.

    With the information provided by this social media site, your Facebook consultant will design and manage your Facebook Ads campaign with a very high degree of precision, because of this ability to take advantage of a high number of high-quality parameters.

    It is as if we were to show up at the home of our perfect customer, carrying the product that customer is looking for.

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